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11/18/2022: Dave attends Sandwich gig in Queens, NY
11/6/2022: Autumn 2022
7/30/2022: Chot and Dave attending the OPM Summerfest in NY
2/5/2022: Dave recording new singles
1/16/2022: 2022 band pic
10/28/2021: collage
9/10/2021: Summer 2021 recording
2/4/2021: Winter 2020-2021 (NJ)
7/5-X/2020: recording collabs on the fly
8/20/2020: pre-release photo
6/21/2020: Chot recording (Linden, NJ) 
6/20/2020: Tonyo recording (Paranaque, Philippines)
12/7/2019: Fil-Am musicians reunion (Jersey City, NJ)
7/10/2019: Back To Work (East Brunswick, NJ)
6/23/2019: Jam at Dave's (Parlin, NJ)
6/9/2019: Hudson Yards (New York, NY)
3/6/2019: The Band
3/3/2019: Guitar Center (East Brunswick, NJ)
2/2/2019: Winter 2018-2019 (NJ)
X/X/20XX: Tonyo on drums
X/X/20XX: Dave the fashionista
X/X/20XX: Nico with Shamrock
X/X/20XX: Chot with INTRoVOYS
X/X/199X: (not so) Old School
X/X/XXXX: hanging out with friends