RainCrowd Releases New Single



For Immediate Release
June 30, 2021

Linden, NJ

NJ-based indie rock alternative band, RainCrowd, announces the release of their new upcoming single entitled, “ Star ".
The song is about encouraging aspiring artists to believe in themselves and be the best they can be, with lines as “All you gotta be is yourself and show them”, “When you’ve a got a dream, you gotta hold them”, and “If you wanna be a star then blow them all away.”
Ulep notes that he wrote the song in 2001, a couple of years after settling down in Los Angeles to continue pursuing his career as a musician.
The target release date is scheduled for July 20, 2021 and the MP3 is now available free to all verified media professionals.
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RainCrowd is a member of ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange
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