RainCrowd Releases 3rd Single For 2021



For Immediate Release
August 16, 2021

Linden, NJ

NJ-based indie rock alternative band, RainCrowd, announces the release of their new upcoming single entitled, “Summertime".
The third single released by the band in 2021 cheers up listeners who face adversities and difficulties in life. Chot Ulep (bass / vocals) notes that he wrote the song as an inspirational ballad for young adults who get discouraged after facing their toughest trials while growing up. “Summertime is a metaphor and I think the line “find your own direction” gives that nudge to those who understand it”, he added. The song was mixed and engineered by lead guitarist, Nico Capistrano.
RainCrowd has been releasing singles since the start of Spring and plans to keep recording and releasing their vast catalog during the next few months and years. They also added that another EP is in the works but there is no definite date on its release.
The release date for “Summertime” is scheduled on August 23, 2021 and will be available at major music streaming platforms.
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RainCrowd is a member of ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange
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