Indie Rock Band, RainCrowd, Releases EP With Songs In Reverse.

Doubles down on creativity, interviewed by music critic, Matt Richards.



For Immediate Release
December 21, 2022

Linden, NJ

RainCrowd, the Linden-based indie rock quartet, finalizes their current project entitled, "SSOS", and gives away its details. The EP, originally planned as a 6-song collection of 2022 singles plus a new title, will now be released with 12 songs - 6 of which are the reverse playback of the original list.
The group is also releasing a Q&A interview with Matt Richards – music journalist and critic for big media such as Chicago Magazine, MTV News, BET, Grammy, Spin, Billboard, amongst others.
On the interview, bandleader Chot U (vocalist / bassist) discusses what makes them tic and why they moved to North Jersey. The interview can be viewed at
Details of the album are as follows:
Title: SSOS
AKA: The Duality Album, The Duality Project, Album 3, 5505
Release Date: January 1, 2023
Album Length: 44 mins., 38 sec.
Label: Independent
Genre/Format: Indie Rock / Alternative
Language: English
Publisher: CD Baby
Delivery (as of 12/21/2022): Major Streaming Services – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal
Track List:
1. My Way Home (4:04)
2. emoH yaW yM (4:04)
3. Bring Me Home (4:09)
4. emoH eM gnirB (4:09)
5. Me And My Paper Airplane (3:40)
6. enalpriA repaP yM dnA eM (3:40)
7. No Explanations (2:59)
8. snoitanalpxE oN (2:59)
9. Everyone Is Busy (3:12)
10. ysuB sI enoyrevE (3:12)
11. Inflationary Gap (4:15)
12. paG yranoitalfnI (4:15)
Reverse music, otherwise known as “backmasking”, is nothing new in the industry. Albeit widely debated, reversing a record is as old as the invention of the phonograph itself (1800s). Pioneers of this technique include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Eagles.
RainCrowd, however, might easily be the first to release half of what seems to be a full-length album on reverse.
There is also the debate of whether or not reversing music and its misunderstood language is good or bad for the listener. Or whether secret messages may be embedded into the audio for whatever purpose.
RainCrowd indicates, on the interview, that it is a “big deal” having a themed project, as they have not done this yet.
For more information about the band, please visit
RainCrowd is a member of ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange
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