Chot Ulep - bass / vocals
Nico Capistrano - lead guitars / keyboard / vocals
Dave Majam - rhythm guitars / vocals
Tonyo Valbuena - drums / vocals

New Jersey-based indie rock alternative band, RainCrowd, takes its roots from the 90's music scene in Manila. Originally formed by Chot Ulep on bass/vocals and Tonyo Valbuena on drums/vocals, they were immediately joined by their close friends Nico Capistrano on guitars/keys/vocals and Dave Majam on rhythm/vocals, after a few sessions with other musicians.
Their songs are characterized by melodic chord progressions, vocal harmonies, steady beats and sharp guitar solos - some of which were bought and published by Virgin, Octo-Arts, EMI, PolyEast and Universal Records, among others.
After a brief stint in Manila in the late 90's, performing in famed local clubs as Mayric's and Freedom Bar, the group fell off the radar, only to resurface in New Jersey in 2019. Ulep describes their double-decade hiatus as "the soul-searching of the band". In their apparent break-up, Ulep joined a multi-platinum Filipino band in Hollywood, called INTRoVOYS in 2006, while Capistrano went on to be signed with a major label act in the Philippines called Shamrock in 2003. Drummer Valbuena and rhythm guitarist Majam went on their own ways as well, with the latter moving to New Jersey in 2009.
At the end of 2020, during the height of the pandemic, RainCrowd released their very first self-titled EP, "RainCrowd", marking the end of their long slumber. Since then, the group has released several singles and albums.
In November of 2021, WLAS 102.9 FM in Newton, MA (Lasell University) added the group's songs in their playlist which gave them the opportunity to get into the national radio charts.