12/21/2022: Interview by Matt Richards (Chicago Magazine, MTV News, BET, Spin, Grammy, etc.)
12/21/2022: Indie Rock Band, RainCrowd, Releases EP With Songs In Reverse
12/1/2022: RainCrowd Announces New EP, “SSOS”
9/30/2022: New single released - Everyone Is Busy
7/24/2022: New single released - No Explanations
5/30/2022: New single released - Me And My Paper Airplane (featuring Hailey, Mckenzie and Elijah Huyssen on back up vocals)
3/23/2022: RainCrowd Calls For Peace Through Music
2/17/2022: RainCrowd Releases Back-to-back Singles
12/9/2021: RainCrowd Releases Year-End Compilation EP
11/12/2021: RainCrowd Releases 6th single For 2021
10/9/2021: RainCrowd Releases 5th single For 2021
9/26/2021: RainCrowd Releases 4th single For 2021
8/16/2021: RainCrowd Releases 3rd Single For 2021
6/30/2021: RainCrowd Releases New Single
4/15/2021: RainCrowd Releases New Single
12/14/2020: RainCrowd Releases New EP
6/20/2020: RainCrowd Announces New EP
3/26/1998: Business Daily (article)  

News Mentions
3/20/2007: PhilStar: Chot Ulep (with Introvoys)
6/8/2006: PhilStar: Leyte - The Benefit CD 
6/1/2005: PhilStar: Nico Capistrano (with Shamrock)
1998: Phil. Daily Inquirer - Amnesty Int'l. Concert